For Your Information

I have been meaning to share more links/information I found while surfing the Internet.

50 (Simple) Ways to Lose Weight

Making Fitness/Exercise a Lifelong Habit

10 Worst and Best Foods

I went to Fitworks last night for a special workout benefit.  They were raising money for Autism.  It was a great time, really.  I would have liked to workout longer, but the time just ran out.  Of course, I will be back at the gym tonight for my usual Wednesday night routine, and I am looking forward to it.  I find that I rarely sit on the couch anymore.  Isn’t that an odd revelation?  Even when I am watching my favorite shows, I find I am on the floor stretching or doing leg lifts (or the occasional crunch).  Sitting still is hard for me to do these days because I enjoy moving so much now.  That certainly makes me happy.

Tomorrow is my workout with Vanessa, so I will be sure to share how that goes.  How is your week going?  Are you on the right path to achieve your goals?


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