Another Week is Ending

Tomorrow is weigh day, and I find myself more apprehensive about my date with the scale.  My biggest fear is that I have gained weight this week.  Not because I have been “bad” (actually, I have not cheated at all – or even had the desire to).  Not because I have not been exercising regularly either.  The reason?  “Muscle weighs more than fat.”  Have you heard that saying before?  Well, it is true.

I have been to the gym three times this week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), and each time I did a minimum of 20 minutes on the elliptical and one round in the circuit training/weight lifting room.  I was especially proud of myself yesterday.  I completed an entire 28-minute cycle on the elliptical, which was just under 2 miles, and the machine calculated 315 calories burned.  That is really exciting.

All this working out, though, on top of dancing with my chicklets here at home makes me nervous about the scale tomorrow.  If I gained, I know it is not fat, but muscle.  However, the gain will still sting a little because I am working so hard.  My husband told me this morning that the gain (*if* there is a gain) should not matter because I *feel* so much better.  He said, “You have had more energy this past week than you have in years.  That should be enough to keep you motivated.”  He is right, it *should* be enough.

So, I anxiously await tomorrow morning.

How is your week going?  Have you taken steps in the right direction?


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