My Next Step

This week has been busy for me.  I had quite a lot of schoolwork to do, preparing and tending to my garden in the backyard, enjoying summer with my chicklets, household chores, catching up with friends…and, of course, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  All of that equates to me being worn out.  I “fell off the wagon” a day or two this week and ate some Tootsie Rolls.  I know it is not the worst thing I could have eaten, but I am still disappointed in myself.  I will say that I noticed myself getting a headache shortly after I ate them, though.  The sugar must really not be interacting well with the rest of me.

Knowing I cheated this week makes me even more apprehensive to face the scale in the morning.  I know I will be truly upset with myself if I have not lost anything this week (or worse, gained).  In the face of temptation I *must* remember to remind myself I am in this for the long-term, not the “right now.”  Eating some Tootsie Rolls on Thursday is not going to help me feel better a year from now, three years from now…but eating a salad and a piece of fruit certainly will.

Of course, under previous circumstances I would have already given up knowing I cheated.  I would have stopped exercising.  I would have stopped even attempting to eat healthfully.  Instead I kept on exercising every day, and even took my next step…I joined a gym.  I went to a local gym and signed up to meet with a personal trainer this week.  Admittedly, I am a little nervous, but I am equally excited.  I know I will not be able to afford to see a personal trainer on a regular basis, but maybe I can pick up some pointers (and pass them onto you).  Any help is better than no help, right?  My personal training goal is to meet with him once a month to gain some perspective, and help keep my motivation up.

Speaking of motivation…do you find you are more intrinsically motivated or extrinsically?  Studies show people who are intrinsically motivated do better in the long run than those who are extrinscially motivated.  Would you agree?  How do you reward yourself as you complete goals?


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