Juicing (ever try it?)

I was relaxing a little today and came across a documentary called, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”  I found it so very interesting.  The focal person, Joe, is very sick, and overweight, and decides to “juice” for 60 days to see if he can kick the pharmaceuticals.  While doing this “juicing” he traveled across the U.S. and spoke with others about health (especially fruits and vegetables).  Along the way he met another guy who was over 400 pounds.  Eventually this guy decided to “juice” as well.  I cannot recall how much Joe lost in the first 60 days, but I know it was substantial.  In the end he lost around 90 pounds.  The other guy ended up losing over 200 pounds in 10 months.

To be honest, I do not know that I could give up all chewing for 60 days.  Could you?  The one thing that struck me as strange was the fact that so many nutrients from “the pyramid” are missing when you consume *only* fruits and vegetables.  There is no bread, meat, nuts, dairy…nothing but fruits and vegetables.  Does anyone else find that a little bizarre?  Has anyone else tried it?

I would not be opposed to replacing breakfast with “juice,” but I do not know that I could do three meals a day for an extended period of time.  It just does not register as “healthy” to me.

Have you ever made your own juice?    If so, which vegetables and fruits did you combine, and would you (or have you) done a juice fasting “diet” before?


One response to “Juicing (ever try it?)

  1. Hey there Erica,

    Let me 1st start off by saying I admire your blog entries and the courage you have to ‘put it all out there’. You have inspired me. :o)
    Thank you!
    I am about to commit myself to the juicing cleanse as Joe did in the film we both watched, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” I’m convinced of it’s ‘healthiness’ because it’s bringing the body back to ‘ground zero’ sort of speak. There are plenty of bad foods we’ve eaten over the years and fruits and veggies help clean out the body. Yes, even breads and meats are sometimes bad- especially the ones we consume here in America because of all the chemicals and processed junk that is put into them.

    So to get our bodies rack back to basics is a great way to lose the weight AND kick our natural metabolism back into gear. Helping us kick the meds and introduce healthy meats and grains back into our diet.

    He did say that 60 days was quite radical for anyone to try. Especially him… he was just a little extreme I think for 2 reasons. #1, he was desperate and #2, he was preparing a documentary and needed to give that “SHOCK VALUE” for the added interest.

    He recommends trying it for 10 days, the first 3 are the hardest and the week following will show you the most results. And if you don’t wanna give up chewing, that’s totally fine- just chew on an apple, celery stick or carrot when you crave a crunch. But our stomachs will want ‘more’ so that’s why we should cram our drinks with as much fruit and veggies as possible so that we don’t feel hungry all the time.

    Anyhoo- this is just a response to your blog entry above… thought you might want someone else’s take on it. ;o)

    Thanks again, and I wish you all the best with your daughter and future blog entries… we miss you!

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