Weigh Day

I will admit I met the scale this morning with serious apprehension (which is typical).  I am always afraid to find I have not lost anything or worse – I gained.  Today; however, that was not the case.  As I stared at my kitchen window, holding my breath, I slowly peeked down toward my feet to find…

I am down 7.2 pounds from last Sunday!  I simply could not believe it, but the scale does not lie (or at least I am going with that until the next time it says I have gained).  Excitement, happiness, and just sheer joy would be understatements to how I actually felt (and still feel).  To know that my sacrifices…erh…better judgement and exercise are paying off certainly helps to boost the momentum.

Realistically speaking, I am very well aware that I will not see such a dramatic decrease in weight each week.  Weight loss is always quickest in the very beginning and will slow down to a much steadier loss of around 2 pounds per week after that initial weight is shed.  I am hoping to drop at least 5 more pounds before next Sunday because that will put me at my first incremental goal (which will make me very happy, of course).  However, if I only lose a pound or two I will not be upset.  One pound gone is still better than one pound gained.  Every pound I lose brings me one step closer to healthy.

So, I begin this week with renewed energy.  I am looking forward to getting out this week (weather permitting) and spending some time dancing in the livingroom with my chicklets.

How did your week go?  Have you gotten any closer to your ultimate goal?  If not, how can you tweak your daily life to help you achieve your goal(s)?


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