Staying the distance

An important part of staying the distance, or gaining momentum, is celebrating the smaller milestones that will eventually lead to your overall success.  This is something I have a big problem with.  I have lost weight before (many times, in fact), but somewhere along the way I hit a plateau and then I get discouraged.  Instead of focusing on how far I have come, I focus on much further I have left to travel.

I have vowed to not let that happen to me this time.  I know I will hit plateaus, and I know that will show me I need to step it up, not step out.  In order to help me stay the distance I will reward myself for my smaller victories.  Here are my “mini goals” and the rewards I will earn (other than health and happiness, of course):

299 lbs (13 pounds lost) – necklace
289 lbs (23 pounds lost) – earrings
275 lbs (37 pounds lost) – charm bracelet

I have been wanting this set of jewelry for a *long* time, but I never let myself get it because I have other important purchases to make (or bills to pay).  When I achieve these goals, though, I will myself a priority, and celebrate these milestones.

What are your strategies for staying the distance and meeting your final goal?


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