Too hot to handle

Today yielded scorching heat, which means outside was just not an option for us.  My younger daughter has asthma, and I have a heart condition that prevents me from handling such hot weather.  Under “normal” circumstances I would have allowed the heat to become an excuse not to work out.  Not today.

We have a Wii and the game Just Dance 2 (and it is a blast – if you like dancing).  I played with my chicklets for a while earlier in the day.  Later, while they were playing with clay, I decided I would do the “sweat” version by myself.  I earned nearly 1200 “sweat points” (and I have no idea what kind of calorie burning that equals – anyone out there know?) today during that round.  I feel great, honestly.  After I worked out my headache went away and, yes I was sweaty and gross which is not my favorite feeling, I felt energized.  It is true: exercising elevates mood and increases energy levels.  Really.

Thankfully, dancing is something I have always enjoyed, so working out is less like “working out” and more like having fun with my chicklets.  My older daughter is always trying to beat my scores…she never does…yet.  What form of exercise did you do today and which is your favorite?  I have a poll on the sidebar.  See if your favorite is the most popular form of exercise.

I am going to share one of my favorite recipes today.  It is a dinner my entire family just loves and I hope you will enjoy it as well.


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