Temptation always leans on the doorbell…

Have you heard that saying?

“Temptation always leans on the doorbell, but opportunity only knocks once.”

I was tempted today, in a big way.  My girlfriend called me this morning asking if the chicklets and I would like to take a trip to the zoo.  It has been so hot lately that we have not really spent much time outside (not in large quantity, anyway), so I thought it would be nice for them.  After agreeing, my girlfriend says, “Great!  We’ll meet at the pizza buffet at 11 and leave from there!”  Ordinarily, that would mean several plates of pizza, and sweets (usually more than I should have).  I almost said we could not go, but instead I told myself that I will have to look temptation in the face *many* times, and I must not cave.

So, we went to the pizza buffet.  My chicklets were so excited to spend time with their friends, and I needed some “adult time” anyway.  Summer proves more difficult to hang out with friends who are used to having children in school…which means we are not the ones having to entertain them all day.  Let me tell you I am actually proud of myself.  Really.  I ate only four small pieces of pizza (probably the equivalent to two “normal” pieces you would order for delivery) and only one sweet (which is way down from my normal four or five).  I even chose to eat only the spinach pizza, alfredo cheese, and veggie pizzas.  All of which are probably the healthiest choices available at the buffet.  I can honestly say I felt full, not hungry even a little, regardless of the fact I hate probably half of what I normally would.

Here are a few things I think helped me:
1. I ate *much* slower.
I made sure to talk with my girlfriend in between pieces of pizza.  After all it has been months since we were able to sit down face-to-face and talk.

2. I only got two pieces of pizza each time I went up to the buffet.
I would usually pile on the pieces (getting four or five each time I visited the buffet) to minimize my trips.  So, two trips to the buffet would typically yield between eight and ten pieces versus today’s four pieces.

3. I drank lots of water.
Every time I finished a bite of pizza I drank water.  I am certain this helped to “swell” the bread/crust in my tummy and made me feel full faster.

4. I mentally prepared myself ahead of time.
I gave myself a little pep talk in the van before we went in.  I said to myself, “Do NOT give up what you want MOST for what you want NOW.”  I said it probably a dozen times, but I do feel like it helped me stay on track in the face of all that delicious pizza.

5. I allowed myself to have one sweet.
Instead of denying myself the “treat” of sweet I decided I would allow myself one.  I know that if I would not have eaten it there I would have thought about it all day.  Thinking about it all day would have led me to overeat something sweet tonight because by then I would be “convinced” I was craving it.

Temptation is something we all face when we are trying to achieve an important goal.  Not just weight loss, but anything.  What are your biggest temptations and how do you battle them to ensure your success?


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